Shana Nunnelly
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She does a lot. She is always very busy. She lies down, she bathes in vibrations and sounds. She breathes, reconnects and remembers...she is loved
— Shana

Choose a session below and lets deep dive



 Sound Bath Meditation

Your own Personal sound bath! Yes Please!!! This 1 on 1 sound meditation is a sonic massage for your body and your spirit. Come lay down, relax and feel secure going as deep is your body will allow. After we will discuss your experience and I will give you tools to further your healing.

Please Bring

*Yoga mat or thick blanket for laying down

*Pillows, blankets, comfy clothes

*Bottle of Water


WARNING:Do not attend if you suffer from epilepsy or are in early term pregnancy. 


Sound Bath and Tarot

This is a healing space. Designed for you to relax and discover you. These sessions will go in no particular order but will involve you surrendering to the moment and fully emracing your own unique state of being in a private sound bath. We will have a tarot session to guide you on where you are and whats next for you, how you can tap in to your own inner guidance and direction. This is a time for you to make space, hear your own inner calm and strenghten your wisdom. After, you will be sent home with homework to do.

Please Bring

* Yoga Mat/ Blanket/ Pillows




Intuitive Tarot Reading for Self Development

Tarot is a tool for growth and development. This session will last from 30min to 1 hour and will look at your core issues, values and behaviors.

I am here as a a voice of reflection for your highest self. You will be affirmed and seen. We will also discover tools, given from your tarot reading, that will guide you in new ways of thinking and being.

Tarot sessions are held on Zoom, Skype or Duo/Google Hangouts

After your first reading you are welcome to set up Monthly Moon check ups . These are 15-30 min sessions to consult tarot to track growth and progress.